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Russian River Zendo - Guerneville, CA

Every Saturday morning 10 - 11:30am
With Tony Patchell and Darlene Cohen, Head Priests.
14050 Gabes Rock Rd, Guerneville, CA

Turn off Rt 116 -- Main Street in Guerneville -- onto Gabes Rock Rd.  This is a small road coming into Main St on one side only, and is not easily seen.  On the corner is a Mexican restaurant whose neon sign can be seen from a distance and a cafe called Splifts.  Look for these landmarks because the street sign is not very visible.  Once on Gabes Rock Rd, climb; we are nestled into the first large curve on your left: a red house w/green trim.  Park across the street but only on the rt-hand side, in the driveway, or in the turnout above the house.)

9:45am Instruction for Beginners
10am Zazen sitting
10:35 Tea and discussion
11:30 End of schedule

Bring cushions & mats -- Chairs provided
Wear loose, warm clothing

Call 707-869-3787 for further information.

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