Private Pain Consultation


Private consultations on pain and the despair resulting from living with chronic pain are available from Darlene Cohen, either on a regular or a one-time basis.

Subjects covered in consultations are:
Personal instruction and/or support needed by the client
Access to the curriculum of the "Suffering & Delight" meditation groups for people in pain, as follows:

  • Meditations on delight

  • The importance of ecstasy in a life of pain

  • Comfort: Objects and Experiences

  • The effect of creative expression on pain

  • Living a satisfying life in the midst of misery

  • Fear and terror

  • Exhaustion and rest

  • Self-empowerment in dealing with the medical community

  • The issue of control

  • Formal meditation practice: instruction in traditional meditation practices and the development of stability

  • Mindful living: specific focusing skills (eating, working, moving, interaction with others, and walking meditations)

  • Cultivating nurturing relationships

  • Making choices that increase energy and relieve fatigue

  • Neurological exercises, highly personalized, to relieve pain

  • Refining one's consciousness to appreciate pleasure

  • Dealing with the anger pain provokes

  • Living from the body's point of view

  • Dealing with other people's suffering

    Fee: $125/hr; $70/one-half hr
    Please call 707-869-3787 or email for an appointment.

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