Morning Workout with Darlene Cohen

"In this video, Darlene Cohen, who once suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, demonstrates arthritis exercises developed by the well-known healer and bodyworker Meir Schneider. Cohen and four of her students perform the three phases of therapeutic movement -- general stretching, done lying down; upper body, done sitting; and lower body, done standing. Viewers can follow the exercises in a continuous flow or concentrate on one particular area of the body.

The exercises focus on the breath, using small, gentle, rotational movements specific to particular joints; two separate body parts are rotated simultaneously in different directions. The precision of the movements enables the arthritis sufferer to achieve a sense of coordination, looseness, and freedom from pain. A 21-page booklet offers thorough instructions and a sound explanation of the philosophy behind Schneider's unique exercises. "

-- Yoga Journal

"I highly recommend the gentle movements demonstrated on this video tape as helpful to the pains and stuffness of arthritis."

-- Boris Peterlin, M.D., Depart of Rheumatology, University of California Medical School

"I highly recommend this video tape."

-- Allan L. Metzger, M.D., Board Certified Rheumatologist, Los Angeles, California

"Clients who have seen the tape found it very meaningful and encouraging."

-- J. A., Ph.D., Los Angeles, California

"These are the first exercises I've enjoyed doing."

-- D.M., Ukiah, California

"My parents were absolutely delighted! They follow the tape every day."

-- L. R., Santa Monica, California

"My husband was so impressed with my improvement, he started recommending the tape to his patients."

-- G. C., Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Through the video, I've gotten to know my body."

-- J.K., San Franciscso, California