Everyday Exercises for Body and Mind

Darlene Cohen

"The ultimate self-care, drug-free arthritis treatment plan. The guide shows how to harness the healing power of the brain including ways to release hormones and neuropeptides that reduce pain."

-- Sun Herald & Venice Gondolier, Sarasota, Florida

"A model in her own way of doing things, the author is a healer of the first order. She illustrates that people with arthritis have got to move; otherwise they get stuck in a passive/depressive mode, declining further into disability."

-- James Derbin, M.D.

"Coherent, elegant exercises for body and mind that move readers gently but steadily toward healing."

-- Joyce Kornfield

"In this book, Cohen passes on her hard-won knowledge, which emphasizes a can-do attitude."

-- Publisher’s Weekly

"By putting Cohen’s movements into practice, we can lighten our bodies while building inner strength. These are the tools that get us through the flare-ups and difficult times"

-- Sister Sheila Devereux, RSM

"Arthritis . . . is based on the author’s own experience with rheumatoid arthritis and is an inspiring tale of her own struggle. These practical tips are explained in simple terms and are easy to perform."

-- St. Mary’s Leader, Ohio

"These exercises will almost certainly help arthritis patients increase their mobility and improve their quality of life."

-- Library Journal